How it Works

Put Better World Books to Work For You

Better World Books generates revenue for over 500 bookstores, wholesalers and distributors by selling surplus materials on over 30 channels around the world.

  • It’s Effortless
    Just ship us your surplus stock and we’ll do all the selling.
  • It’s Free
    Better World Books pays for shipping.
  • It Makes You Money
    Material is sold on over 30 marketplaces.
  • It Supports Literacy
    Select a non-profit literacy partner to benefit from each sale.

Superior Customer Service
You’ll have a Better World Books Representative every step of the way, as well as over 500 team members who will sort, manage and sell your books online.

General Booksellers

If you sell books and have surplus inventory, then we want to work with you.

We are here to help you free up your shelf space and make the most of your inventory at no cost to you. We often provide boxes and shipping is free. Unlike many companies that deduct shipping from your payout, we cover the costs, while you and your chosen literacy partner reap all the benefits.

Our Account Representatives make the process easy and are there to help you with the specific needs of your store

Textbook Sellers

No store likes to watch students sulk away after they can’t sell back a book or go to another bookstore in search for one that will.

Join our Give Back at Buyback service which gives students a feel-good option for books you cannot buy back.

Friends of the Library

Better World Books works with hundreds of  Friends of the Library groups who have partnered with us to give books a new home. We sell material on over 30 marketplaces and regularly reprice to stay competitive.

We offer different options depending upon the goals of the friends group.