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Do you like to read? Of course you do you’re reading right now. Literacy helped you get into college. It’s why you’re here. And it’s also why we’re here—with $27 million raised for libraries and literacy partners, we hope to open doors for people around the world. (But don’t take our word for it)

“Running with Better World Books is a no-brainer; you can raise money and help enlighten the masses in your own small way.”– James Hooper, Santa Clara University

We match every purchase on our website with a book donation to someone in need – Book for Book™. Thus far, we’ve donated over 13 million books to partner programs around the world.

You can decide which literacy partner you want your collected textbooks to support.

BWB General Literacy Fund

Better World Books is one of the largest socially-responsible booksellers in the world. At the heart of the company is a passion for literacy and education. As a Founding B Corporation, Better World Books upholds its commitment to serve its social mission as well as the environment. Supporting literacy and education with every book sold has been an initiative of the company since it was founded. Grants support the needs of libraries and non-profits serving literacy and education in their communities. And with every book we sell, we donate one, Book for Book™.
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