Antiquarian & Rare Books

Better World Books loves antiquarian and rare books. Our team of specialists will properly identify, catalogue and market these unique books to a global audience to ensure their value is maximized.

Can I Box My Rare Material With My Discards & Donations?

Please contact your Better World Books Representative to see what options are available.

Does Better World Books’ ARC Department Accept Rare Ex-Library Books?

Of course. While we welcome ex-library volumes, we ask that you leave library treatments intact and, if absolutely necessary, discreetly place a discard stamp in a single location either on the library’s bookplate or the title page.

Does Better World Books Accept Foreign Language Books?

Yes. Please contact your Better World Books Representative for more information.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions About ARC Books?

Please contact your Better World Books Representative if you have questions related to antiquarian or rare books.

What Material is Desirable?

  • Chinese or Japanese Books on Lost Art
  • Books in Russian published before 1960
  • Obscure Languages
  • Very Early Bibles and/or Bible Translations pre-1800
  • Non-Christian Religions
  • Pre-20th Century Travel and Exploration
  • Great Depression-Era Economics
  • Military History of Special Units
  • Early Science Monographs
  • Archaeology
  • First Editions
  • Illustrated Art and Architecture Books (containing Maps or Plates)