The Library Discards & Donations Service has been a great deal for us. Better World Books makes it easy to ship books out at no cost to our library, and I’m glad to know that the books can still be useful after their time here at the library is through. If it weren’t for Better World Books, we would be recycling most of the books that we withdraw.
Joelle H.

Our Library Service has been a client of Better World Books for over three years. During this period Better World Books has maintained excellent customer service. Regular and reliable collections of withdrawn library books have been complemented by contact with the organization’s responsive and friendly staff. The swift turnaround of withdrawn stock has created vital shelf space for new books and provided a useful income stream. We are delighted to be a partner of an organization with such a high profile environmentally friendly and pro-literacy ethos and would recommend the services of Better World Books without hesitation or reservation.

We’ve partnered with Better World Books to manage our book discards and excess gift book since 2007. They make it easy by providing empty boxes and picking up the books at no charge. All we have to do is full up the boxes. Using Better World Books has allowed us to ease the anxiety of our faculty because they know that many of the books will find new homes rather than being trashed or pulped. We even get a portion of the proceeds to buy new books. It’s a win-win for everyone.
Beth J.

We are extremely pleased with the partnership we have with Better World Books for the withdrawal of book stock. We have not only made efficiency savings in both staff time and space, we have donated to a global literacy charity, provided a service for students, staff and members of the public to recycle their own books and increased our engagement with the Green agenda


Better World Books has exceptional customer service. They often call to check in with you to see if you need anything, which is really nice when you are busy with out projects and something you need from Better World Books might slip your mind. I also really appreciate how personable they are. I know our Account Manager by name and call her directly with any questions. She is super thorough and patience with all of our questions and requests. Overall, Better World Books has awesome customer service and they are very easy to work with!
Karyn L.

I’ve been using Better World Books’ Library Discards & Donations service for over a decade at two different libraries, and I love it! The service simply couldn’t be easier. Better World Books provides boxes for shipping and pays the shipping costs. If any of our books are sold, my library makes a small profit – a nice bonus for books we would be getting rid of anyway. And it’s wonderful to send the books somewhere they might find a new home with a happy reader instead of just tossing them all in a recycling dumpster!
Kate W.

We only have great things to say about Better World Books! They’ve been so obliging and helpful taking our stock but the real beauty of what they do is that nothing goes to waste into a landfill. Every book finds a new home or is recycled in a positive way, benefiting people and the environment. In addition, they fund some amazing projects around the world which help spread the joy of reading far and wide.

We are an independent Community Library without the benefit of public funding. We rely on books sales. Better World Books fills an important part of that book sales programme and book management. We benefit from being able to recycle books we now longer need plus those that are donated but not needed in our collection. We appreciate their service of providing boxes, free collections and an account officer

Better World Books gives us an outlet for discard and donations that normally would just go straight into our book sale. The prescreening process is easy to use. They shipping and boxes are taken care of by Better World Books. The Library Discard and Donations service is a win-win for us.
Mina D.