How it Works

Our free service is simple and straightforward. You gather and box your surplus materials and Better World Books coordinates and pays for items to be shipped to one of our four distribution centers. Items are sorted and scanned, and each saleable item is listed on all major marketplaces. Better World Books handles all aspects of inventorying, marketing, selling and shipping these materials, and each saleable item may generate funds for your library.

Helping to Fund Library and Literacy Initiatives

Why market your library’s discards and donations to the world at no cost to you? The answer is quite simple: You get “more bang for the book.” On top of that, for every book sold, Better World Books donates a book to someone in need. You will be part of a network of over 4,000 libraries that have partnered with us to give books a new home. We sell books for what they are truly worth, thereby optimizing the revenue potential and supporting literacy initiatives through book donations. Leave the book selling to us and you’ll have more time to spend around the library, in the community or at home.

Free Service

What are the costs of the Discards and Donations Service? Zero! There are no sign-up, monthly or one-time fees. Each saleable item we receive may generate funds for your library, a nonprofit literacy partner or both through a percentage of net sales. Net sales are defined as the sale price of the book minus any marketplace commissions.

Marketplace Exposure and Pricing

The secret to our success is our proprietary blend of inventory, marketplace, order fulfillment, and pricing management platforms. As one of the largest online bookstores, Better World Books currently sells on all major online channels in four languages spanning 6 continents. In addition to where customers can fund literacy, care for the environment and get a fair price on the books they want, while matching each purchase with a book donation.

Track Your Stats

Created specifically for you, our Client Portal allows you to generate prepaid UPS or freight labels, schedule pickups and run various reports. Report options include the ability to track the number of books in inventory, the number of books sold, top sales, marketplace fees and payment, and environmental impact stats.